Technische info - 05.

Ladder rungs

LSP 30 MG 5/1

Objaśnienia nazewnictwa:
LSP - ladder rung: L - rung lenght, S - rung width, P -bent edge
30 - rung width [mm]
M - hole shape mark
G - straight arrangemment
D - staggered arrangement 45
O - drainage holes

All material variants are described for each rung.
Way of ordering:
Ladder rungs LSP 30 MG 10/1
DC01 2x30x30x500 MG 10-30 - 30pcs

LSP 30 MG 10/1 - kind of rung
DC01 - raw material - mild steel
2x30x30x500 - sheet thickness, width of rung, bent edge P, lenght of rung
MG - kind of embossed holes
10 - hole diameter
30 - pitch
30szt - quantity in pieces

Anti-slip platforms

MDO 10-8-30
round flared holes with drainage
hole diameter 10mm
drainage diameter 8mm
pitch 30mm
MD 10-40
round flarted holes 10mm
pitch 40mm
stggered arrangement 45
star shape holes
elliptical flared holes with drainage (size 5x45mm)

Bending types:
Typy gięcia

"B" type is standard. Parameters like: p, p1 , p2 , H, n, need to be agreed before ordering.
way of ordering:
Anti-slip platform with mounting sides
Al99.5 3x15x30x300x1500 STAR - 100pcs, H=300mm, n=200mm

Al99.5 - raw material - aluminium
3x15x30x300x1500 - thickness, bent edge p1, bent edge p, width, length
STAR - kind of embossed holes
100pcs - quantity in pieces
H - width of mounting side
n - distance between holes on the mounting side

Lohr type sheets

MLG 21X48
longitudinal flared holes axb = 21x48mm;straigth arrangement

distances t and t1 to agree before ordering*
* t=60mm; t1 =105mm is suggested

MLD 21X48
longitudinal flared holes axb = 21x48mm;staggered arrangement
distances t and t1 to agree before ordering


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